Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chilean Joy!

Like many people, I am watching the Chilean mine rescue on the BBC News channel. After a long period, the miners trapped since August will emerge one by one over the next couple of days. Their families have waited patiently, setting up a camp, and another one for the world's media.

This is a good news story to shine a little light in all the gloom the news is constantly filled with these days. A great feat of engineering, and of human will. The Chilean authorities have played this brilliantly, and the President Sebastien Pinera has played a blinder, having visited the site three times before they realised the miners were alive.

The foreman Luis Urzua will emerge as the hero, holding it all together, and will deserve all the plaudits coming to him. Some might say he's just doing his job, but when the supreme test came, he was more than equipped for the task.

The inquiries will look into whether it could have been avoided, but for now let's celevrate with the Chilean people a magnificent feat of engineering and endurance.

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