Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Rivals

Tony Blair's memoir's have been published today, and the press are focussing on the relationship between Blair and Gordon Brown. What gets me, is the way the allegations Blair makes are being treated as revelations. Not only has the mnedia gleefully published stories over the years any news of rows within the Labour government, but even a cursory reading of Alistair Campbell's, or Peter Mandelson's books makes the comments by Blair fairly predictable.

I will pick up my copy this morning, and look forward to reading it. Whatever we may think of Tony Blair, and I was a supporter even if I was always against Iraq, it is good to know the profits are going to help injured soldiers. Blair was never going to win with this decision, but I think it is better to be thought cynical for doing something good, than cynical for not!

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  1. Of course. The right wing press always made a big song and dance about it.